Website Services

Opportunities to create, build and protect your online investments.

Web Design

Websites potential customers and Search Engines love

Potential customers and Search Engines reward companies with websites that are easy to use on cell phones, tablets, and desktop computers.

If your website has not been updated recently, you could be harder to find online as search engines rank newer, responsive websites higher, pushing older dated websites down the page.

As visitors spend less and less time on the first page they land on, it becomes more important that each page be laid out well to attract potential customers; convey clear, crisp, and compelling messaging with clean imagery and copy; and convince new visitors to take action (e.g. fill out a form; ask a question; call; download a document, etc.).

Midwest Computing websites are search engine friendly, create a positive first impression, and engage buyers to interact with your organization. We develop websites using popular Content Management Systems such as WordPress, NopCommerce, and customized versions designed exclusively for your company.

Web Security

Stop malware before it gets a chance to infect your site.

Most malware attacks are automated, which means ALL sites are potential targets despite the company’s size or industry. And if a website gets infected, it could distribute “malware,” redirect visitors to another site or trick them into giving private information. Once a computer system is compromised so is the personal information in it.

Midwest Computing offers powerful malware prevention to your website and its visitors with innovative security technology that significantly reduces the risk of a cyber breach and automatically eradicates potentially harmful threats. Not only do we monitor and protect companies and their customers, but we protect a website’s page ranking on search results by checking a variety of different blacklists, and automatically sending a notification if found on any.

Our service provides optimal protection, intercepting and inspecting all incoming data, and automatically removing any malicious code.  We continuously monitor and scan websites for uptime, vulnerability, malware, hacking, and black listings – not just on the front end where customers could get infected – but also at the server level, where DDoS, SQL injection, and comment spammers attack.

Even if your website is encrypted, SSL is not enough. An SSL encrypts data being transmitted to and from your website – it doesn’t protect your website from other vulnerabilities, such as malware, SQL injections, or DDoS attacks. To ensure the safety of your website, your customers, and their data, combine Our web security with SSL for complete protection.