Our Approach

Our only vested interest is in your success.

Individual network, hardware, storage, or software vendors may be well versed in their own products and category space, however, they lack a systems perspective about the integration and interaction between components.

With an unbiased and holistic perspective, We can create a best-of-breed solution for your computing environment with a vested interest in your success.

New client engagements begin with an audit and assessment of the current infrastructure to identify vulnerabilities and/or weaknesses. Combining what we learn from our analysis with a thorough understanding of our client’s business objectives, company resources, and operational challenges, we formulate thoughtful action plans to mitigate business risk and create new opportunities.

With years of hands-on experience analyzing key business processes, network, and security setups, our highly experienced consultants provide recommendations based on proven assessment tools and methodologies.


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CORE SYSTEMS ASSESSMENT: Analyzes your network configuration, equipment, and software to determine the best upgrade path and support to ensure optimal performance and management

SECURITY ASSESSMENT: Analyzes any risks and vulnerabilities to your business data, network, and endpoints to determine the optimum configuration to eliminate and prevent all threats

WIRELESS ASSESSMENT: Analyzes your wireless configuration, performance, and security to determine the best solution so employees and customers can experience secure, reliable web access throughout a desired service area

BACKUP AND RECOVERY ASSESSMENT: Analyze your current resources and recovery plans to determine the optimum backup strategy to ensure applications and data are restored quickly and easily in the event of a loss or disaster

CLOUD ASSESSMENT: Analyze your cloud strategy to determine the best setup so key business resources are deployed or distributed in the most secure and effective manner possible

CLOUD UTILIZATION ASSESSMENT: Reviews an organization’s utilization of cloud services to identify potential risks of sensitive data or documents being stored in unsecured clouds and provides opportunities to reduce risk and effectively utilize cloud services

UNIFIED COMMUNICATIONS / VOICE ASSESSMENT: Analyzes your unified communications system, its hardware, and software, to eliminate service interruptions while enabling the full benefits of available feature sets and capacity