Solutions and strategies for protecting what matters most.

In today’s rapidly evolving cybersecurity landscape, your organization is facing increasingly sophisticated threats that can cripple your operation and put your data at risk.

Midwest Computing deploys advanced security solutions to protect your digital assets. One such solution is Managed Detection and Response (MDR); a technology that offers proactive threat hunting, detection, and response capabilities. It is a critical service for containing, resolving, and hardening against breaches. It has become a mandatory requirement to obtain cyber insurance.

Midwest Computing offers cybersecurity assessment and prevention solutions:

Security Evaluation
Examination of your organization’s current security strengths and vulnerabilities to provide insights and recommend improvements intended to significantly reduce risk.
Vulnerability Assessment
Detection and classification of vulnerabilities throughout your organization’s infrastructure and applications to evaluate the efficacy of existing security measures.
Penetration Testing
A program for exposing security weaknesses through attack simulations performed externally and internally on your organization’s network.
IT Security Governance
An analysis given of your organization’s network infrastructure to ensure security components and strategies comply with current regulations, while giving proper oversight to manage risk.
Multi-Factor Authentication
Adding a second layer of security to your online accounts, VPN access, etc., can help make security resilience easy for your organization. Identity verification using a second factor (like a smartphone or other mobile device) keeps accounts secure.