Managed Services

Reduce operational overhead, mitigate risk and minimize downtime.

Ensure compliance and uptime by keeping your infrastructure, data, and endpoints current and secure with Our Managed Services.

Midwest Computing’s managed services optimize IT system performance and reliability while creating a predictable and sustainable IT environment. With our proactive solutions and advanced monitoring and management tools, we quickly identify the status of all your devices, network connections, and backup capabilities for a stable IT system.

We proactively adapt to changing marketing conditions by orchestrating these critical activities.

  • Monitoring of your IT ecosystem’s overall health including its power, the measurement of utilization, and available capacities against predetermined thresholds of excess or failure. We use our wide selection of tools to alert you and/or solve a problem.
  • Updating your Operating System with patches in a timely and consistent manner to keep your resources current and secure.
  • Protecting your data, applications, infrastructure and endpoints with enhanced security and alerting services. Our virus/malware protection includes sophisticated intrusion detection and prevention that predicts and recognizes attacks, and responds to and resolves threats quickly to help minimize or avoid service disruptions.
  • Backing up data at scheduled intervals to recover and restore in the event of a failure, power outage or natural disaster.

With domain expertise, a detailed understanding of business continuity and data protection, Midwest Computing proactively manages and mitigates technical disruptions and distractions.